The Gateway To The Past

Level By : Ruediger Abend

Walkthrough By Anurag


Kills: 8 Items: 4, including Keys Secrets: None

The level starts with Lara standing in a wide-open area & with some real cool music. Continue straight forward until you reach a closed gate, which opens as you approach it. Kill the BAD GUY at the right. Go left & all the way upstairs, flip the LEVER there, a cut-scene shows that a trapdoor opens in the previous room, this is a timed door, so run down the stairs & to the opposite side of the boxes & reach for the trapdoor in the corner. (Note: If the door closes then flip the LEVER twice to reopen it.). Pickup the KEYS from the basement & then crawl in the crawlspace at your left, crawl onto the blue colored tile & the trapdoor again gets opened. Get out of it & out of the gate.

Now at the first 4-way intersection turn right to the park area, kill the DOG that attacks you. Inside the park, go into the fenced area & pick up the PAPER there. Go back to the 4-way intersection & continue straight to an area with a fountain. The area to the right is a dead end so continue left & kill the DOG that pounces at you. Find your way to a fence & the go at the backside of it; drop down into a pit from the crawlspace there.

Kick open a DOOR to enter a small room. Use the KEY in the keyhole there; this opens a door at your left. Enter the passage & kill another BAD GUY. Now go to the books in the East direction & pick up a SMALL-MEDPACK from there. Shoot the piano & pick up a GOLD KEY. Then come outside the pit & all the way to the 4-way intersection. Now take left & kill a DOG that attacks. Descend some stairs & go inside the structure & use the GOLD KEY there.

This opens a door at your right & gives you access to some cool music. Now go straight to a T-intersection, take a left or right & then continue straight to another T-intersection, again take left or right & go straight up the stairs taking care of a BAD GUY on the way & another at the top, one of them drops a LARGE-MEDPACK when he is down. Go all the way to the top & watch the cut-scene, which shows a large room below with pictures of dinosaurs, huge machinery & a passage. Flip the LEVER there this opens a door somewhere, descend the stairs to reach another T-intersection.

Go to right & another right & then bypassing an opening on right take left. Climb up the stairs & take care of the BAD GUY waiting for you. Flip the LEVER there, a cut-scene shows a trapdoor opening somewhere. Descend the stairs take a right & then left to reach a 5 LEVER room. If you had taken a right at the T-intersection, then also you would end up here only. Now closely examine the CLUE (PAPER) that you found in the Park. It reads, “Time center use 2 & 5 to gain access”. So flip the 2nd & 5th LEVER, a cut-scene shows you an area with electric waves as you flip one lever & flipping another one shows you that a trapdoor has opened somewhere.

Kick open the door at the right. Follow the path to the room with electric waves they will settle down if you have used the 2 & 5 LEVER combo. Go to the opposite side & drop down into an opening below. Go to the right side of the first box, turn 45 degrees left & take a jump to the other side. Now pull the box that is just ahead of you 2 times backwards. Now shimmy up to reach the place where you were before. Pull the box that is in the south direction once. Take another 45 degrees turn & jump to the jutting ledge at the left. Now turn facing the box, i.e. west & pull it once. Shimmy & reach the place where the box was, from here take a running jump to the ledge at opposite side & from there to the opening at east.

Climb up the ladder into the room with computers & pictures of dinosaurs. Kill the BAD GUY there. Now flip the LEVER in the northeast direction, this activates the time machine. Go into the passage to get teleported into the second level.

The Voice That Should Not Be