Silent Hill : Albergo Maria

Level By : Donato

Walkthrough By Anurag

The game starts with Lara standing on the steps, climb up the steps, turn right & enter the lavatory; turn 45 degrees left, then jump up & shoot the GRATE above, jump & crawl in the crawlspace; after that, shoot another GRATE & SAFETY-DROP into another room, go straight forward & grab the LASERSIGHT, a cut scene shows you that a black door has opened elsewhere. Pick up the FLARES; turn around and press the BUTTON beside the door. The door opens, leading Lara to where she started from. Turn right & continue forward & kill a BAT. Turn right and go through the door under the black portrait, which leads you into a room filled with water & a Piano. SWIM right past this room & enter another room with steps and a BOX in the Southwest corner; overlook the BOX & continue forward. You will enter a hall filled with water. Turn Left & enter the room, there is a wooden slab near the entrance with the REVOLVER on its top. Take the REVOLVER and exit the room. Back in the hall you will meet a SNIPER/GRENADIER, so keep your Guns ready. Backtrack to the room with the BOX; Combine the LASERSIGHT & the REVOLVER & then equip it. Shoot the box with the help of the REVOLVER+ LASERSIGHT Combo. You will get GEMMA DELLA PORTA DELLO SCANTINATO. Continue past the hall to another room with a NICHE. Use the GEMMA DELLA PORTA DELLO SCANTINATO in the NICHE, and the door next to it opens. Enter the door, don't continue straight (it is a dead end); instead go Right, then turn left. You should be in a room filled with water. Jump on the wooden block near where Lara is standing; climb another box & then take a diagonal jump pressing ACTION to lower Lara's arc. If done correctly she will grab the edge. Turn left & you will receive 30 UZI CLIPS. Jump into the water, near the bottom of the room there is an opening in the West direction; continue through it. Until you face up in another room filled with water. SWIM to the top & grab hold of a wooden box, climb it then ROLL & take a running jump on to the next box. Jump & shatter the WINDOW with bullets; & then slide down the chute. Turn right and slide down another chute. At the end of the chute is a PRESSURE DOOR, which opens on itself as soon as Lara steps on it, leading her into a large Hall. Continue straight & turn left at the end. Continue to a staircase at the right with a shattered window & kill the GOLDEN INSECT that appears and recover FUSIBILE from it. If you like Aliens then it is a good time to inspect an alien dead body which appears to be bathing in the water. Exit through the staircase & re-enter the hall. Continue straight & turn left at the end. Enter the room; there is a BOX in the Southeast direction, shatter it & get 30 UZI CLIPS. Exit the room & turn right. Turn left at the end & enter the door if you want to inspect another alien dead body. Otherwise descend the Staircase all the way to the ground floor. In the Southeast direction there is an open door; draw your guns before entering because there is a GRENADIER/SNIPER waiting for you. Blast him & take his SHOTGUN, also pick up 6 NORMAL SHOTGUN SHELLS. Exit the room & step on the PRESSURE DOOR in the Northwest corner, SWIM through the passage but look out for a CROCODILE. The passage will lead you to a huge underground pool with a face statue. Near the face statue, there is an opening in the ground; continue through here into a small maze. At the first intersection take a left, then a right & another left. Continue forward until you reach up to an underground opening; swim towards right & take the SMALL MEDPACK. Continue forward & grab up to approach a room. Continue forward & kill the GRENADIER/SNIPER that is standing. Take his UZIS. ON the right wall there is a niche; use FUSIBILE here; & the PRESSURE DOOR in the opposite direction opens. Don't go through it, but return to the opening with water. Take a left, continue on the checked floor, take another left & then another, jump over the opening in the ground & push the BUTTON on the opposite side. This makes the door on the opposite side to open. Continue through it into a place with many dish antennas, take a left and CRAWL in the crawlspace & SAFETY-DROP on a ladder on the other side, descend the ladder. Lara will jump into a room with a SKELETON. Shoot the SKELETON'S head with REVOLVER. After he is taken care of, pick up the SMALL-MEDIPACK in the corner. Also take BULLONE 2 from the top of a box. Press the 2 buttons which are on either sides of the iron gate. The gate opens, leading Lara to the lower passage. SAFETY-DROP from here & Lara will take less damage. ROLL and continue forward to a BUTTON, press it. After pressing the BUTTON, a cut-scene shows us that water gets filled up where Lara is. ROLL & you can see an opening just under where the HEADLESS SKELETON is. Continue through the opening to another maze. Go straight at first intersection; take left, then right, right, left, right. Here in the room there is a SWITCH on the ceiling; pull it. A flyby takes place. ROLL and exit the room, turn left, then again left, then right, right and left, you will end up in the passage with dish antennas. Turn right and climb up on ground, take note on a patch of the wall which is made up of red bricks, it is a LADDER. Climb the ladder, and drop on the left side. From there turn left, then jump to the other ledge & exit the corridor from where you entered. Then take left, right, another right & you will end up in the room where you used FUSIBILE. Drop into the PRESSURE DOOR which opened earlier. Continue straight & at the end jump & grab the ledge above, jump up to another ledge. From there jump down to a pyramidal ledge. From there jump to the opposite ledge. There is a crawlspace in the Southeast corner, Jump to grab hold of the edge of the crawlspace, beneath the crawlspace there is a ladder; so if you take much time to crawl in Lara will set her legs on the ladder, so quickly release and press ACTION. Continue inside the crawlspace, & then kill a BAT. This is secret #1 30 UZI CLIPS. Climb down the ladder, then take care of the CROCODILE that is swimming in the pool. There is an opening in the Northwest corner, continue through it. SWIM down, then forward, turn right, right & a third right, then swim up for air. Grab the ledge and climb out. Draw your guns & prepare for combat, there are 2 RED NINJAS; who can switch their weapons from Sword, Gun & even Tri-Thorn. Take care of these guys by taking cover behind the boxes, then jump up and shoot. After killing them recover BULLONE 1 from one of the dead bodies. Climb on the boxes in the Southeast corner, from where one of the NINJAS came from. Behind the boxes there is a crawlspace, crawl through & safety-drop to the other side, turn around and press the BUTTON. A cut-scene shows that the barrier has been removed from a LAMPPOST like object somewhere. This also opens a door (not shown in cut-scene). In the West direction of the room, there is a wall with red bricks, that's a ladder. Climb it, then turn 135 degrees left, jump towards the open door by pressing ACTION to lower Lara's arc, then climb up. Turn right, then jump up & come to a familiar place. Continue forward as before, ignore the room with Niche for FUSIBILE. But continue forward, enter the room with 4 Alien dead bodies. Combine BULLONE 1 & BULLONE 2 to make MANIGLIA CON BULLONI, then use it on the LAMPPOST (reminds me of Avigliano city), this opens a PRESSURE DOOR besides it drop down. Approach the computer systems just ahead & voila, you have finished the level.